Recital Attire- Part II

The guys have it so much easier than the girls in deciding what to wear to performances. 


1.  If you have a suit that is comfortable to play in this is always a good option.  The trick is to make sure that it is not too tight in the sleeves when you put your hands on the keyboard.  Also be sure to unbutton the jacket before playing.


2.  Dress slacks or khakis are a good idea.  Jeans are a big NO on the what not to wear list.  Shorts are also on the don’t wear list.


3.  For a more formal occasion a button down dress shirt and tie make a really nice statement.  For those less formal events, a polo style shirt is sufficient.


4.  Sock and Shoes.  Please don’t wear sandals to a concert.  Dress shoes are the best but if you don’t have dress shoes then those tennis shoes will work.  Take the time to wipe tennis shoes down with a wet rag or a magic eraser to spiff them up some.  Also, try to make sure your socks are the appropriate color.  Those white socks with black pants really stand out.


Tomorrow we will review why it is important to wear appropriate recital attire.

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