Piano Weekend at UNC School of the Arts

A very exciting opportunity landed in my inbox last week.  The UNC School of the Arts is hosting a Piano Weekend for young musicians.  The event date is October 20, 2012.  The students are being invited to participate in Master Classes, a Sonata Competition, and a Recital. 


I love events like this.  It is a chance for students and parents to go and hear other young musicians.  The motivation boost and the experience of playing in a competition are extremely important.


If you are interested in participating in this event please let me know.  The registration deadline is Oct. 1.

Calling Pianists, Vocalists, and Oboists To Guest Blog

In trying to make things more interesting this year, I want to have some guest bloggers on the website.  If you think you have a topic that is important, funny, or relevant, send me an email.  Include your proposal and little bit about yourself.  All proposals will be considered and the best will be asked to write a full blog post.


If you are a local piano, voice or oboe teacher in Charlotte, NC I would love to hear about your experiences in our city.

Voices of Liberty

Here is the next update of my Disney Music blog series.  This is a video of the Voice of Liberty in the American Pavilion at Epcot.  These might be my very favorite entertainers in all of WDW.  I spoke with the group leader and he indicated that not all of the singers have professional training but many of them do. 


I will be posting more vidoes throughout the week.  The woman in the light blue dress is my favorite performer.  She is a fantastic soprano with excellent technique.