Thoughts from and about Franz Liszt

One of my favorite musical reference books is Famous Pianists and Their Technique by Reginald Gerig.  Gerig distills the wisdom of the great performers and composers into a manageable text that benefits the serious amateur and the professional musician.


Chapter 10 is titled Liszt and the Virtuoso Technique.  Below you will find a few quotes from this chapter.


liszt          liszt


“By 1832, (age 21) Liszt had mastered all of the Beethoven sonatas; but when he programmed them, he dared not give the composer’s name because Beethoven was considered dull during the years immediately following his death.”


“Liszt was the first to play complete programs by himself and the first to perform from memory.”


Anton Rubenstein said about Liszt “…in comparison with Liszt all other pianists were children.”


“Have patience with yourself,” Liszt said. “Your future is ahead of you.  Rome was not built in one day.”

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