Piano, Voice and Oboe Lessons for Adults

So often I hear adults say “I wish I hadn’t quit piano (fill in the blank for other lessons here) lessons when I was younger.”  I never hear adults expression gratitude for their parents letting them quit.  Sometimes an adult will say that they wish that they had gotten the chance to take music lessons.  My response is always  that it is never too late to start lessons. 


Why should adults go ahead and take the chance and take lessons?


Adults are going to pick up learning to read music more quickly than a young child.  Being more independent and able to reason through problem will keep the learning process moving at a steady pace.  It can take a young person several months to learn all of the notes on the musical staff.  A dedicated adult can learn the same information in just a few weeks.  This will allow more time to focus on learning to play with the proper technique. 


Adults are more apt to practice and focus as they are the ones paying the lesson bills.  You probably aren’t going to pay for something that you don’t enjoy or don’t spend time practicing.  If you go back to lessons after many years away, the desire to learn is there.  Mom and Dad aren’t making you take lessons and the initiative is yours.


Adult students are more active participants in picking out what music they would like to play.  Often adult students will come into lessons with a specific goal in mind.  They would like to learn to play or church or to play in a band.   Lessons can be tailored to fit your needs in these areas. 


So if you are thinking about beginning piano, voice or oboe lessons and you are an adult.  Go ahead and jump in. 


Brunner Studios offers flexible scheduling for adult students.  If you want lessons in the morning, during lunch, or after work, then there is a time on the schedule for you.

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