Meet Schubert and Gershwin

This an been an exciting week here at the house.  We had been looking off and on for a second dog.  This week, we took the plunge.  First, meet Schubert.

210 025  121 0099-15 012  Schubert has been a member of the family for about 2.5 years now.  He will be celebrating his 3rd birthday in November.  He is half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu.  No designer dogs for us.  We call this a mutt.  He’s a little on the neurotic side.  Schubert likes to play the piano and can tell time.

IMG00240-20111011-1322Now this little fella here is Gershwin.  He is 6 months old and is making me realize just how neurotic Schubert really is.  He’s kind of fast so getting good pictures is a little bit of a challenge.  Today he learned to fetch.  Gershwin has had 2 great nights in his crate.  Gershwin is also half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu. 

Schubert is supposed to be as white as Gershwin but is forever getting dirty out in the yard.  Just pretend that he’s white in those pictures. 

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