A Funny Student Story

A few years ago, I had this cute little boy as a student.  He was about 4 years old and totally not interested in playing the piano.  Every week he would come into his lesson and sigh.  Then he would look at me and say “I miss my Daddy.”  Of course I would ask where his dad was and the little boy would say “Working.”  So for months, I just assumed that the dad worked up town and that he and the little boy were just really close.


In the spring, the little boy bounced into the studio one day.  “My daddy is coming home, My daddy is coming home.”  A few weeks later he came back in to his lesson and said “My daddy had to go back to work.”  I finally decided to ask where his dad worked.  The student replied “Utah.”  Really?  OK that’s a little odd, but sure.  I figured the kid was pulling my leg. 


A few more weeks go by and the little boy comes to another lesson and says “My mommy and daddy are both in Utah.  It’s important at work.”  My curiosity got the better of me and I asked the student “Well, what does your daddy do for work?”  His answer-


“My daddy plays basketball.”


Yep, the student’s dad played for the Utah Jazz.  He was so excited when the season was over and his dad could bring him to lessons.  He didn’t like piano any better, but it was just better all around because “My daddy’s bringing me to my lessons now.  He doesn’t have to work until later.”

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