What A Problem To Have

I am teaching a wonderful group of students piano lessons right now.  In fact, they are so great they aren’t giving me much material to write about on how to run a studio.  What a problem to have!  We are learning Halloween music and Christmas music started leaving the studio this week. 

I am so proud of my younger students.  I have 3 students who just started lessons last year and are about to move from 30 minute to 45 minute lessons.  These kids are really practicing and excelling in their art. 

More students are participating in the National Achievement Program and one will be playing in a Piano Sonata competition later this month. 

This group of students is working hard!

My Favorite Things

I’ve been totally slack on this blog thing.  Trying to get up 5 Christmas trees is taking a lot of time and then there was the Thanksgiving issue.  So here is a short list of my favorite Christmas music.  The first 3 are available in cd format and the fourth is a book of music. 


1.  Sandi Patty- O Holy Night

2.  Sandi Patty- Yuletide Joy

3.  Steven Curtis Chapman- The Music of Christmas

4.  Mark Hayes- Emmanuel

Christmas Music? It’s only September!

If the sounds of holiday songs are reaching your ears, you have not lost your mind. Your child is probably already starting on their winter recital piece. Now you are probably questioning if you child’s teacher has lost her mind.

Our winter recitals are the first two weekends in December. That is only 2 months away! Now those younger students don’t have to start so early but those that are more advanced definately need the full two months or more.

Last year I made a big mistake and waited until we were done with the Masquerade Musicale to hand out Christmas music. I thought my high school students were going to find the nearest tree and string me up. I made a classic teacher mistake and wrongly assumed that the students would learn the pieces as fast as I could. What was I thinking? Just because it is advanced music doesn’t mean they have the skills to learn it quickly like a college musician or professional. So with that lesson learned, I made a note to myself to hand out advanced music in September this year.

Hopefully by the time those Christmas parties roll around the students will have a few pieces in hand with which to impress the grandparents and family members.