Music at Disney-Part I

I just got home from a few days out of town.  Disney World is great this time of year, but it wasn’t just for relaxing.  I want to show you some of the ways music is integrated into the Disney experience.  First up was the hotel.  Since this was a last minute trip we stayed at the All Star Music Resort.  This is a value resort.  The rooms are quite small but are still themed really well.  These pictures are not mine since I forgot to take photos in the room, and it was pouring rain 3 of 4 days.

It is a little hard to tell from these pictures but the border around the room is music themed and the print on the wall is Mickey Mouse conducting an orchestra. 

The resort itself is totally decked out in music décor. 


I will be updating this blog series throughout the week.  I am very excited for fall lessons to get started back here at Brunner Studios in Charlotte, NC.  Brunner Studios offers piano, voice and oboe lessons.  At Disney World, I saw piano and vocal performances and heard many selections of oboe music.  It’s funny how much you notice different instruments in scores when you are listening for them. 

Back from Disney

I spent the last 10 days at Disney World.  Over the next few days, I’ll put a a few pictures from the trip.  Disney has an excellent array of music to experience.  From Elliot Dyson at Port Orleans French Quarter to the saxophone quartet at the Magic Kingdom. 


IMG_1103     IMG_1092  IMG_1101IMG_1094


These pictures were taken at the Grand Floridian Hotel.  That is a Steinway and Sons piano.  The piano is in ok condition but the sound is a little bright. 


Notice the nice wrap that I am wearing?  I finished knitting it while on the trip.  Made for a great excuse to sit in the bar and listen to Elliot Dyson play some great tunes.