Why Christmas Is Later This Year

Well, that probably got your attention.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Christmas is still on December 25.  However, there is good news as well.  This year Brunner Studios will not be having the traditional December recital.  This means we don’t have to start practicing Christmas music in September and October.  Should I back this plan up and explain a little?

The past few years the winter recitals have taken place in December.  That means that high school students were starting Christmas arrangements in September and October.  Why so early?  No one wants to play music significantly easier than their standard repertoire at a big recital.  Also, you have to account for fall break, Columbus Day, Halloween,  Thanksgiving and any other number of random breaks and holidays that the school system might decide to throw your way. 

Then after all that hard work,  you start getting the emails and phone calls.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Susie won’t be able to play at the recital.  That day is Great-Aunt Gertrude’s annual cookie swap.  Now, no offense to anyone’s Great-Aunt Gertrude, but these students work hard and I hate to have them miss a big recital. 

So to save myself a spike in blood pressure, and the kids a lot of what they will see as wasted effort, we are having the recital on Nov. 12.  Standard piano repertoire with a few fall pieces and *poof* one fall recital. 

The students will get their Christmas books at their next lesson and begin playing season appropriate music.  We might try to go and play at a local nursing home or arrange for a carol sing at a church, but those are come and go events. 

So see Christmas is arriving later this year.  Well, the music is anyway.