Piano, Voice and Oboe Lessons in Charlotte, NC

Summer is an exciting time to begin piano, voice or oboe lessons in Charlotte, NC.  Brunner Studios offers extreme flexibility in summer scheduling and standard lesson times during the school year. 


Why should you start piano , voice or oboe lessons in the summer?  Many people’s busy schedules slow down in the summer when the kids are out of school.  This gives the student, whether young or mature, the chance to be more focused and to get grounded in the basics before the more regimented school year starts back.  Back to school is difficult enough without starting a entirely new activity to boot. 


Students who take summer piano, voice or oboe lessons at Brunner Studios get priority registration for fall lesson times.  Schedules are tight during the school year, so start lessons now to get a jump on those prime-time slots. 


New piano, voice and lesson times available starting June 14 are as follows:

Mondays-  all day availability

Tuesday- 10:00- 1:00-  come to a lesson before hitting the pool in the afternoon

Wednesday- 5:15-8:30- have a lesson after a day of fun filled activities

Thursday- 10:00-2:00- take a break from the heat of the day

Friday- all day availability


Monday and Fridays are now available due to higher than anticipated demand for lessons.


Please contact Brunner Studios about setting up your lessons today!


New Studio Availability

As 2010 comes to a conclusion, I am excited to announce new studio availability for the coming year.  Lesson times are now being offered from 9:00 am until early afternoon Monday thru Thursday at Brunner Studios home location.  These times are perfect for the homeschooled student, working adults with flexible schedules and retirees.  Also, Fridays will also be opening up for lessons.  Friday times are from 9:00-6:00. 


Gift certificates are available for purchase for a monthly or semester basis.  So go ahead and get that family member a keyboard or piano for Christmas.  Another wonderful gift is having a piano tuned for someone who already owns an instrument. 


I look forward to seeing what the new year will bring for those students who are interested in non-traditional lesson times.  Please contact me for more information.  For current students of Brunner Studios a 10% referral discount will be credited to your account. 


Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I hope to see you soon!


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