Supplies for Piano Lessons

What supplies does a student need to help make taking piano lessons easier and to make practice at home run more smoothly?


1.  Assignment Book- Every teacher has their own method of tracking assignments.  Some teachers write the date on the page, other use a pre-printed book that goes with a method book series, a spiral notebook is always effective, or a 3 ring binder.  I have my students use a 3 ring-binder.  Every week I print out assignment sheets that are customized to the lesson with the listening and music history assignment printed in.


2.  Music Bag-  Most kids have a clumsy streak and go through phases of forgetfulness.  A music bag is a quick way to keep track of everything.  Pack it up the night before a lesson so that the student doesn’t forget any books. 


3.  Pencils-  keep a few sharpened pencils with good erasers at the piano for use during practice.  I like to have my students make notes of any questions they have during the week.  Also, theory should always be done in pencil.  Would you do your math homework in pen?


4.  Metronome- Counting is essential to playing music correctly.  A metronome can aid in this process.  My students usually begin learning to use one quite early on in the process.  The sooner they have the hang of using the metronome the better.


5.  Timer-  Kids are forever asking if they have practiced long enough.  Forestall this questions by equipping them with a timer that is easy to set.


These are just a few things that help students succeed in piano lessons.  A prepared student makes for a happy piano teacher.