What is the Best Time of Year to Begin Piano Lessons?

What is the best time of year to begin piano lessons?  Often we think about the age the student is but not about what else might be going on in their lives.  As a teacher who likes to pay her bills, I say that any time is a good time to begin piano lessons.  Smile  However, there are some times during the year that the transition can be a little smoother.


1.  The weeks leading up to school starting.  This is my personal favorite.  The students begin to build good practice habits and are not overwhelmed with so much new material from school and piano lessons.

2.  The weeks after school starts.  You are building your schedule for the year and can get the time that works best for you. 

3.  Right after the new year.  The student got a keyboard or piano for Christmas.  The school year is getting back into the swing of things and the newness of the gift is still there.

4.  Summer break.  Everyone’s schedules are more flexible and there is less homework.  You can even schedule multiple lessons per week to really get a great start.

5.  Late Spring.  This is my least favorite.  Everyone is so busy with end of the year tasks that sometimes it is hard to establish those good practice habits.


As we are approaching mid-summer and fall isn’t so far away, go ahead and give some piano teachers a call and see what their schedule openings are like.  Piano lesson are for all ages!