How To Find a Piano Teacher

If you live in a small town then finding a piano teacher is probably pretty easy.  What if you live in a big city or just moved to a new area and need to find a new piano teacher?


Let’s take Charlotte, NC for an example city for finding a piano teacher for your child who wants to take lessons.  Obviously the first thing would be to ask around.  Do the neighbors recommend anyone or is there music business in your immediate area?  If the answers to these questions are yes then you probably want to check out the reputations of those in question.  If the answer is no then follow the next steps.  Google is your friend.  Type in piano lessons charlotte, nc or piano teachers charlotte, nc.  This is a great place to get started.  The first page is usually going to be larger studios or music businesses.  Take a look at the map on the right to see what is in your area.  However, keep in mind that many of the local independent teachers cannot afford to maintain space on the first page of searches.  Keep looking on to the next pages for those independent teacher websites. 


Another good way to find a piano teacher is to look at websites that piano teachers advertise on.  Some reputable websites for Charlotte, NC are:


Search these websites for teachers in your area.  Cross check them to see the different teacher ratings on each site. 

Make a list of the teachers that are interesting to you.  We will talk on Monday about interviewing piano teachers to find the right teacher for you. 

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