How to Find a Piano Teacher- Part 2

On Friday, we talked about how to find a piano teacher.  The first thing you need is a name.  What were our steps?

1.  Ask your neighbors

2.  Google your area

3.  Visit reputable teacher websites


Now that you have a few names in hand what is the next step?  You need to interview teachers and interview with teachers.  The best of mode of communication really depends on the teacher.  Let’s face it, most piano teachers are stereo typed as old ladies with cats.  So yes, you will find teachers who don’t communicate by email.  You will definitely have to call these teachers to get information and to feel out what their personalities are.


If you do find teachers who are more technologically savvy, don’t hesitate to email them with a request for them to call you.  My reasoning on this is simple.  I teach from around 1:00 to 8:00 Monday thru Thursday.  I do not answer phone calls while I’m teaching. I don’t want you to think that I’m ignoring you or not getting back to you.  I can however, send you a quick email that I received your inquiry and will contact you back as soon as I have a break or am done teaching.  If you want to include details in your email or questions, this is a great idea.  Any info that the potential teacher has to help answer questions or address concerns is appreciated.


What questions should you ask a potential piano teacher about beginning lessons in their studio?


1.  What is your training?

2.  What opportunities do your students have for performances and festivals?

3.  Do you have a policy sheet?

4.  Are lessons customized for the student’s learning style?

5.  What is your availability?

6.  What do lessons cost and are their additional fees?


The answers that the teacher gives you should give you a feel if you would like to continue to the next step of scheduling a trial lesson or signing up for lessons.  Follow your instincts.  Not every teacher is suited for every student.  Be honest with yourself when looking at the type of teacher you want.  Taking piano lessons is a big commitment.  You are learning another language.  Find the teacher that is best suited for your educational needs. 

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