Summer Piano Lesson Ideas

Now that summer piano lessons have begun, what kind of ideas can we use to mix up the routine.

1. Pick a theme- learn patriotic music, learn Disney music, pick a theme and have everyone learn a piece of their choosing.
2. Try some new techniques- use a different ear-training book, pick songs that are catchy to work on intervals
3. Have a measure contest. Who can learn the most measures in a week.
4. Have the student’s pretend to be the teacher an coach their teacher on a piece.
5. Ignore the practice chart. Test the students and see if they can accomplish their goals without having to practice a certain amount of minutes. Are they learning to self-regulate practice time.

Piano Weekend at UNC School of the Arts

A very exciting opportunity landed in my inbox last week.  The UNC School of the Arts is hosting a Piano Weekend for young musicians.  The event date is October 20, 2012.  The students are being invited to participate in Master Classes, a Sonata Competition, and a Recital. 


I love events like this.  It is a chance for students and parents to go and hear other young musicians.  The motivation boost and the experience of playing in a competition are extremely important.


If you are interested in participating in this event please let me know.  The registration deadline is Oct. 1.

Summer Lessons

Just a quick update on scheduling summer lessons.  Most of the late evening lesson times for days other than Tuesday are almost full.  If you think you want an evening lesson time, contact Brunner Studios as soon as possible.


Brunner Studios is dedicated to providing quality piano, voice and oboe lessons for the greater Charlotte, NC area.  Musicianship and technique go hand in hand.  Using the Carnegie Hall Achievement Program which is the equivalent the Royal Conservatory Program, student have a road map to follow for the skills they need to develop to become accomplished musicians.


Whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, Brunner Studios can help you hone your talent.  Children and adults alike are welcome for lessons.