Recital Deadlines

The studio Halloween/Fall/Christmas recital is on Nov. 17 this year.  Other than the anomaly of last week, the students are doing a good job of preparing well in advance.  I try to impress upon them that having a whole week of leeway in memorization or learning a piece for a performance is a good idea.  What if you get sick?  What if there is a big school project?  What if you go out of town?  There are so many scenarios that if a student plans on learning music until the last minute can create the recipe for a poor performance.  While some of the issues could be prevented sometimes things just come up. 

To a young student a month is like forever.  If you tell them they have a month you can guarantee procrastination.  However, if I am very specific about what we need to accomplish each week to meet the goal then they understand that a month really isn’t so long. 

Good luck to all those students and teachers out there preparing for a winter concert.  Plan ahead and keep practicing.

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