Upcoming November Performances

Brunner Studios students will be performing twice in the month of November. 

On November 2, they will be presenting a studio class performance at the Little Flower Retirement Village in Mint Hill.  Play for the elderly and infirm is a great opportunity for the students to serve the community.  We will be playing Halloween music, Patriotic music, classical, pop, and show tunes. 

On November 23, students will be performing at Miller Piano.  This will be our winter recital.  Christmas music, classical music, and everything in between. 

The November 23 performance is open to all who wish to attend.  There are plenty of seats.  The Nov. 2 performance, students will be limited to 2 guests as there is very limited room at the facility.

Recital Deadlines

The studio Halloween/Fall/Christmas recital is on Nov. 17 this year.  Other than the anomaly of last week, the students are doing a good job of preparing well in advance.  I try to impress upon them that having a whole week of leeway in memorization or learning a piece for a performance is a good idea.  What if you get sick?  What if there is a big school project?  What if you go out of town?  There are so many scenarios that if a student plans on learning music until the last minute can create the recipe for a poor performance.  While some of the issues could be prevented sometimes things just come up. 

To a young student a month is like forever.  If you tell them they have a month you can guarantee procrastination.  However, if I am very specific about what we need to accomplish each week to meet the goal then they understand that a month really isn’t so long. 

Good luck to all those students and teachers out there preparing for a winter concert.  Plan ahead and keep practicing.