Summer Lessons

Just a quick update on scheduling summer lessons.  Most of the late evening lesson times for days other than Tuesday are almost full.  If you think you want an evening lesson time, contact Brunner Studios as soon as possible.


Brunner Studios is dedicated to providing quality piano, voice and oboe lessons for the greater Charlotte, NC area.  Musicianship and technique go hand in hand.  Using the Carnegie Hall Achievement Program which is the equivalent the Royal Conservatory Program, student have a road map to follow for the skills they need to develop to become accomplished musicians.


Whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, Brunner Studios can help you hone your talent.  Children and adults alike are welcome for lessons. 

Congrats! You Did Great!

Well, I think we officially survived the large part of festival season.  On Feb. 26 my students participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs festival.  There were 19 students from my studio participating in the Solo Piano division.  Are you ready for the big news?  We had 100 % Superior ratings!  Everyone did a wonderful job.


Many of these students also participated in the Theory Testing that took place on the same day.  A special recognition to Taegan, Justin and Michael for getting 100 % on their theory tests.


On March 5, some of my more advanced students participated in the North Carolina Music Teacher’s Association Festival.  These students were required to play 3 pieces from different musical eras.  This is not a contest for the faint of heart.  The judging is fair but critical.  Yet again my students knocked it out of the park.  Congrats to Tori  who will be advancing to the state competition.  She scored a Superior in the Jr. B division.  Luna scored a Superior in the Jr. A division.  All my other entrants were rated Excellent.


Thank you so much for all your hard work.


I don’t suppose now would be the time to tell you that the NCMTA repertoire list for 2012 has already been released?  No?  In that case we can all live in denial for a few months and take a well earned vacation from festival music.  New repertoire here we come!